Baby Polar Bear 'Siku' Orphaned After Mother Bear Fails To Produce Milk (Video)

WATCH: Orphaned Baby Polar Bear Taken Into Care

Polar bear cub "Siku" was born only a month ago but has had to be taken into care at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark, after his mother failed to produce enough milk.

Wriggling around, this cute polar cub is blind and deaf, but suckles instinctively, making adorable squeaking noises as he slurps his milk.

Siku will even suckle on a finger, his urge to feed is so strong. Polar bear cubs grow quickly: only a month ago, Siku will have been little bigger than a rat.

Siku means 'ice' in greenland language Iñupiaq and is a popular name for snowy polar bears. Siku will need 24 hour care throughout the first year of his life, and so three people have been enlisted to look after the adorable polar bear.

With his milk white belly and soft black paws, super-sweet Siku is bound to be well loved. Check out Knut the polar cub too, who became a celebrity in a phenomenon nicknamed "Knutmania", spawned after the media's obsession with the gorgeous bear.

Knut died earlier this year, aged four, after drowning in his pool whilst suffering from encephalitis.


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