Streetlight Cuts Effect On Women's Safety Should Be Reviewed, Say Labour

In The Dark: Labour Call For Review Into Streetlight Cuts

Labour has demanded an urgent review into the effects of austerity cuts to street lighting on women's safety.

Stella Creasy, shadow home affairs minister, warned it was "breathtakingly complacent" to switch off lights to save money without carrying out an investigation into the possible impact the move has on crime rates.

Labour named six county councils - Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Essex, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire - that were scaling back on lighting.

Making the call on the shortest day of the year, Ms Creasy said: "The Tory-led Government is being breathtakingly complacent in allowing street lights to be turned off across the country without doing any review of the effects on crime, and people's perception of crime.

"David Cameron's Government doesn't seem to care that women working shifts, or returning from an evening out, could be put at risk as they walk home in the dark.

"On the longest night of the year Labour is calling on the Government to urgently review the effects of this gamble with women's safety."

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has previously defended the move telling MPs that, providing it is done at a "reasonable time", it is a "sensible move towards greening our provision".


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