Mystery Space Ball Makes Crash Landing In Namibia

Is This Proof Of Alien Life? Mystery Space Ball Makes Crash Landing In Namibia

A hollow sphere that apparently crashed into Earth from space has left authorities scratching their heads.

The mystery ball left a 13ft wide crater and locals claimed to have heard several explosions before the discovery , near a village in the north of the African nation, 480 miles from the capital Windhoek.

Police forensics director Paul Ludik told the AFP news agency the sphere had a diameter of 14 inches, a rough surface and appears to be “two halves welded together”.

He added: “It is not an explosive device, but rather hollow.”

The discovery, made in November, but not made public until now, has prompted speculation over whether the mystery sphere is evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

In the meantime, Nasa and the European Space Agency have been notified to carry out further tests on the object.


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