Ambulance Service Condemns 'No Loo Paper' 999 Call

Everybody knows 999 is the number to ring in an emergency, but unfortunately some idiots dial it for less important matters -- like the man who called when he ran out of loo roll.

Bosses at South West Ambulance have recently condemned the public toilet-using gent who called 999 when he realised the convenience had no toilet paper left.

He apparently thought this demanded an emergency response and requested that an ambulance be dispatched with a fresh roll for him… operators disagreed.

A spokesperson for the service said they've released details of the call in a bid to highlight the problem of non-emergency calls and that all 999 calls are treated as potentially life-threatening.

"Our call takers go through the process with callers and that will take time and they could be missing a call that's a genuine emergency," he told the BBC.

Dr Andy Smith also told ThisIsPlymouth: "This is a particularly busy time for the Trust and the festive season always brings extra demands, particularly on our clinicians and call handlers."