From removing tough toilet stains to cleaning your oven trays in the bath, these will keep you busy.
As our coronavirus lockdown eases, we're told to go outdoors as much as you like – but don’t count on the toilets being open, Sophie Wilkinson writes.
The fully-functioning toilet, titled "America", had been plumbed in for visitors to use in a wood-panelled room in Blenheim Palace.
Without running water, a woman using a menstrual cup has to wipe it out with toilet paper before reinsertion, which is messy, unpleasant and potentially unhygienic, Harini Iyengar writes.
A Belgian man sat on a toilet for nearly five days in a bid to set a world record. He set himself a challenge of sitting for 165 hours on a toilet set up for him in the middle of a bar, but gave up after 116 hours. There is no official world record for sitting on a toilet yet.
They could help fix Britain's 'fatberg' problem.
First dates can be a nerve-racking experience. You know you must do everything you can to make a great first impression. Every word, comment or action will be scrutinized and you are extremely careful to present the best version of yourself. So, it can be hugely embarrassing if nature calls and you find yourself having to run to the loo quickly.