4 Of The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks On TikTok

From removing tough toilet stains to cleaning your oven trays in the bath, these will keep you busy.
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Spring is officially here and we couldn’t be happier about it: the days are getting longer, the weather’s (finally) warming up and lockdown restrictions are easing so we can see loved ones outdoors.

If you’re feeling like getting your spring clean on, take inspiration from Tiktok where #SpringCleaning is one of the top trends.

From removing tough toilet stains to cleaning your oven trays with a dishwasher tablet, these will keep you busy and leave you with a sparkling home.

1. Soak your oven trays

Tiktok user @mama_mila_ shared a trick for cleaning oven trays without having to scrub for days.

She covered her grill trays in foil and popped them in a bath tub filled with hot water and a dishwasher tablet (or two), leaving it all to soak for two hours. “A chemical reaction between the foil and dishwashing tablet leaves trays sparkling,” she wrote.

Many have tried the hack, with one saying: “I followed this and it worked so well on my racks. They’re like brand new.” You can watch the video here.

2. Rejuvenate an old mattress

If your mattress is about 100 years old (and smells like it, too), a hack proving to be increasingly popular is from Tiktok user @lesliezimmerman8 – and it’s one Mrs Hinch uses, too. She sprays her mattress with white wine vinegar before sprinkling baking soda across it, waiting for 15 minutes, then hoovering it all off.

The idea is that it’s meant to get rid of any lingering smells that have developed in your mattress over time. You can watch the video here.

However, if you’ve got a newer mattress, this hack might be a waste of time. Natalie Armstrong, sleep expert at bed and mattress brand Sealy UK, previously told Ideal Home lots of modern mattresses, such as those that feature Purotex, naturally create a clean and healthy sleeping environment by releasing friendly bacteria into the mattress.

3. Spring clean your dishwasher

When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher? Yeah, we thought so.

Tiktok user @thehartigfam shared a video showing how easy it is to give your dishwasher a bit of TLC. Simply take out the bottom rack, pull out all the removal parts and wash them in the sink – tipping any chunks of food in the bin.

Then, spot clean the crevices around the edges of the dishwasher with some cleaning spray, and put the dishwasher on a hot wash with a glass of vinegar in there. Next, do another hot wash with baking soda sprinkled across your trays and the bottom part of the dishwasher – and you’re good to go. Watch the video here.

4. Get those nasty stains out of your toilet

If the toilet bowl is looking a little nasty, @eldredgecleaning have shared a tip to scrub off gross stains – and all you need is some cleaning spray, your toilet brush, rubber gloves and a pumice stone.

First, spray the bowl and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then, scrub with your brush and flush. Next, wearing gloves, scrub the remaining stain with your pumice stone in circular motions and watch as those nightmarish stains disappear.

According to home inspiration site Hunker, pumice stones are good for cleaning porcelain toilets without scratching them “because the stone is harder than most mineral deposits and stains that typically develop on toilets, yet softer than porcelain”. You can watch the video here.