Garden Inspo: 11 Ways To Jazz Up Your Outdoor Space For Guests

As restrictions continue to ease, here's how to get your garden or balcony guest-ready.

After the longest winter spent indoors, the opportunity to socialise – even if we’re still socially distanced and outdoors – will come as a huge relief to many who’ve been unable to see most of their friends and family since the summer.

If you’ve got a garden, balcony or roof terrace of your own, here are some ideas on how you can liven them up ahead of having your family and friends over.

1. Bring the holiday to you

We can’t travel far right now, but you can bring holiday vibes to your back garden or balcony. Leafy prints, well-positioned fairy lights, and trendy rattan furniture combine to create a little slice of paradise at home.

2. Get a corner sofa on the go

Whether you buy one or make one (Pinterest is a great place to see how people have built them from old pallets), you won’t regret a corner seat in your back garden. Perfect for socially distanced meet-ups.

3. Invest in some new blooms

Get yourself to the garden centre and splurge on some pretty potted plants that are already in bloom. It’ll bring a bit of much-needed colour to your back garden and, if you have a few pots, provides a great way to section off your social area.

4. Crack out the decorations

We finally have our social lives back – cause for celebration! Simple tweaks to your outdoor space can bring it to life and it can be done relatively inexpensively too. Bunting? Check. Paper lanterns? Check. Floral pom-poms? You betcha.

5. Invest in an outdoor rug

Perfect for smaller gardens, patio spaces and balconies, an outdoor rug will not only brighten up your space but it can also hide any unsightly slabs you need to clean or replace. What’s more, if you grab some cushions from your sofa, you can sit on the rug if there’s a shortage of chairs.

6. Go monochrome

Feeling like your outdoor space needs a revamp but not sure how – or even where – to begin? A quick fix is to stick to a monochrome colour palette. Mix black and white textiles with wooden furniture for a modern update. Feeling like going one step further? Paint any nearby fences and pergolas a darker colour.

7. Swap slabs for tiles

This is a bit more labour intensive, but for a Mediterranean theme in your yard ahead of summer, invest in some outdoor tiles rather than your bog standard garden slabs. They’re a bit more finicky to lay but once they’re down, you’re guaranteed to wow friends and family with your trendy, new outdoor space.

8. Opt for multiple seating arrangements

Even the smallest of spaces, like balconies, can be styled in a way that makes the area feel bigger than it is. Try fitting a bench one end and a small bistro table the other, with cushions, small plants and rugs to break up the gaps between.

9. Don’t forget your throw(s)

The weather is still pretty unpredictable of an evening so if you’re having a couple of friends over, it’s popping some blankets on chairs in case people start to feel the cold. Worried about Covid? Stick them in the wash after on a 60 degree cycle.

10. Bolden up your bench

If you’re short on garden furniture but have an old bench lying around, give it a new lease of life with a few coats of bold-coloured outdoor paint. Stick it in a sunny spot and you’re good to go.

11. Don’t forget candles

If you’re on a budget, a few well-placed cushions and candles from your living room – or bought cheaply online – can jazz up old garden furniture.

Give your benches and chairs a good clean before having people over, especially if they’ve been sat outside all winter; add your cushions and place candles nearby; and you’re good to go.

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