Delivery Driver Gets Confused By Toilet Under Stairs, Leaves Internet In Hysterics

U ok hun? 😂

A delivery driver has left the internet in stitches after he became incredibly confused by which door led to a customer’s bathroom.

The anonymous delivery driver had asked Twitter user Barnsey (@3arnesy) if he could use the toilet, to which he replied: “Yes sure it’s the door under the stairs.”

Unfortunately there were two doors under the stairs, one was for a tiny cupboard while the other was a proper door, and it led to serious confusion for the poor delivery man. (Perhaps it was a long day, eh?)

Barnesy explained that when the delivery guy asked which door led to the toilet, he replied: “Erm, the person-sized door.”

He shared a photo of the two doors on Twitter, which resulted in a lot of amusement and also speculation over what the tiny door is for (it’s a shoe cupboard, FYI).