People Who Didn't Get What They Wanted For Christmas Achieve Unwanted Internet Fame (VIDEO)

Did you not get what you wanted for Christmas? Did you head straight to Twitter to complain?

Big mistake.

A group of people who sent out angry tweets about not receiving the gifts they expected, including iPhones, iPads and cars, have achieved an unwanted Internet fame after their messages were repeated around the world.

It's all thanks to one Twitter user, Jon Hendren, who took it upon himself to retweet the worst examples sent out by apparently ungrateful people - particularly teenagers, it has to be said - who didn't get everything they wanted at Christmas.

Not everyone who has since been mocked by the merciless combined forces of the Internet appeared to deserve it, however.

At least one insists that he was actually making a joke about the same people he now represents.

Luckily Jonathan Mann has already compiled the best ones into a two minute-long song. Take a look below - but beware of the bad language...

Some of the retweeted messages included: