28/12/2011 06:43 GMT

Australian Cricket Cameraman Faceplants Gloriously After His Segway Hits A Helmet (Video)

When used correctly, a cameraman on a segway can produce some pretty amazing footage. When used incorrectly, a cameraman on a segway can produce a fail-filled viral video.

For proof, check out Australian cricket cameraman Joe Previtera as he epicly faceplants during the recent test match between India and Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Coming a cropper after driving into a stray cricket helmet left on the grass, Previtera swiftly tumbles to the ground as thousands of onlookers gaffaw around the stadium.

The commentators up in the box couldn't resist a chuckle or two, with the unhurt Previtera eventually accepting his fate and getting up to soak up the applause.

And before any American commenters get the chance, no, it's not the most interesting thing to happen in cricket for years... it's actually number two, behind the time when a BBC radio commentator got a ball to the head mid-game. You know, just in case you were wondering.