'Bee Sting' Skincare Range Flies Off The Shelves

Why Bee Sting Beauty Creams Are Causing A Buzz

A new range of anti-ageing beauty creams containing bee stings has created quite a buzz in the beauty industry and is flying off the shelves.

Sales of the Manuka Doctor skincare range are up 3,000% since it launched in the UK just three weeks ago.

The creams, which contain more than 10,000 bee stings per pot, were developed in Korea following 12 years of research into the health benefits of the insect’s poisonous sting.

Scientists claim the venom, dubbed nature’s alternative to Botox, helps to prevent ageing by smoothing out wrinkles and stimulating collagen growth and cell renewal.

Stockists Holland & Barrett told the Daily Express: “We knew these products were special but sales have exceeded all expectations.”

Although this is the first range of bee venom beauty products to hit the shelves in the UK, the use of the insect poison as an anti-ageing treatment is already said to be popular among beauty junkies and youth-seeking celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham.

The venomous beauty secret is also said to be a favourite with royalty. Beautician to the stars, Deborah Mitchell, has been treating Camilla Parker-Bowles for six years with her £165 bee sting facial, according to the Daily Mail. And sources say she passed on her beauty secret to Kate Middleton, who is now receiving at-home visits from the beautician.

For those who can't afford the luxury of a bee-sting facial, the Mauka Doctor Bee Venom range is available in Holland & Barrett stores from £16.99.