Brian Dowling Warns Frankie Cocozza Not To Do Celebrity Big Brother

Frankie's 'Big Brother' Warning

Celebrity Big Brother host and Big Brother veteran Brian Dowling has spoken out about Frankie Cocozza taking part in the celebrity show which is due to start next week.

Fame hungry Frankie rocketed to notoriety after being kicked off The X Factor after admitting taking cocaine whilst taking part in the talent show and is rumoured to be taking part in the new series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Brian, winner of the second series of Big Brother, has offered words of warning to Frankie suggesting that the scruffy star might find the intense environment too much.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Brian said: "I just hope it's something that Frankie is able to do. Not just physically and logistically, but mentally.

"Obviously he's had a tough time with the X Factor thing, but I think Frankie only ever really wanted to be famous. I don't think he ever really cared about being a singer. So from that perspective, I could imagine him doing it."

Whilst Brian has suggested that Frankie will crumble under the pressure of being locked up in the Big Brother house, he admits he will make great viewing.

He said: "I think he'd be a great name to get in there. It just depends whether it is something he wants to do. He'll be going from one great show to another and it will be fascinating to see him in the house... if it's true."

Celebrity Big Brother is due to air on Channel 5 at 9pm on January 5th 2012.



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