28/12/2011 13:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Duchess Of Alba Watch: Mosaic Coat And Anklet Over Tights - Still Awesome

We're obsessed. OBSESSED. The Duchess of Alba, who waltzed back onto our celebrity radar this year with a flamenco-fabulous royal wedding to a man 24 years her junior, never disappoints in the quirky outfit stakes.

Duchess of Alba Watch: Mosaic coat and anklet over tights - still awesome Photo: Europe Press via Getty Images

For a trip to the cinema - sadly sans Tom Cruise this time (we assume he couldn't keep up with the Duchess's pace) - the great lady wore a fabric mosaic coat and maroon shoes and tights. A silver ankle chain and a pair of drop earrings completed the look.

Observation the first: If you seek to emulate the Duchess's style (and why wouldn't you?) be careful when getting undressed. It's all too easy to forget you put the anklet on over the tights and thus break the chain with some frustrated yanking.

Observation the second: The face on the left hand pocket area makes it look as though the Duchess is reaching into the woman's brain to pull out nuggets of information. Or smuggled-in popcorn.

For more from the Duchess, check out her wedding snaps below: