Pet Sugar Glider Leaps Across The Living Room (Pictures)

PICTURES: Gizmo The Sugar Glider Leaps Across The Living Room

Gizmo the sugar glider is a leaping marsupial whose native exploits in Australia have been transferred to a living room in Cambridge.

Kayleigh Price cares for five of the furry marsupials at the Animal Experience in Cambridge, which is owned by her parents Mitch, 40, and Hazel, 41.

The sugar-glider looks like cross between a squirrel and a possum but is actually a nocturnal marsupial. It has fox-like ears and a thin skin membrane between its arms and legs, allowing it to glide from tree to tree when in the wilds of Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea.

Popular exotic pets, the sugar glider's scientific name Petaurus breviceps, means "rope-dancer with a short-head." However it is colloquially known as a sugar glider because it feeds off sweet sap from the acacia and eucalyptus trees, lapping up nectar (as well as some small insects.)

Check out the cute pictures of the social critter below.


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