Russian 'UFO' Filmed At Trekhgorny

Is This A Cloud-Making UFO Hovering Over Russian 'Nuclear' City?

An unidentified flying object that appears to have its own cloud has been filmed hovering over the town of Trekhgorny, Russia.

The sighting, which was filmed by three separate people on December 23, features a silver object in the centre of a cloudy orb, travelling at some speed.

Some reports claim the object was an alien craft using the “cloud” as camouflage.

There are suggestions it is simply a conventional aircraft – although no explanation has been given for the surrounding cloud. Others believe it is related to the failed Russian Meridian satellite launch.

Trekhgorny is located in the Chelyabinsk region near Russia’s border with Khazakstan. Its main industry is the production of nuclear reactors.

The area is a UFO hot spot with numerous sightings reported each year. A ‘live alien’ clip, also reportedly filmed in Trekhgorny, did the rounds recently too.

Earlier this month video emerged that showed an unidentified flying object above protesters in Bolotnaya Square, in Moscow.

Witnessed by hundreds of pro-democracy protesters, the craft flashed coloured lights and featured five ‘limbs’ extending from the body of the vehicle.


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