Bear Camera Shows Birth Of Cubs Live On Film (VIDEO)

Watch: Bear Cam To Livestream Cub Birth

A camera streaming a live feed of pregnant brown bear Freja from a remote town in Northern Sweden makes strangely addictive viewing.

Swedish brown bears are secretive creatures, and 11-year-old female Freja is no different.

Hibernating during the winter months, she has no idea that a birds-eye camera is poised above her watching her movements.

Her bulbous belly is full of cubs that could be born at any moment during the next couple of weeks.

Viewers can bet on what day they believe she will emerge from her winter home, as well as pitch names for the new cubs.

The live streaming technology from Bambuser allows Freya to be seen in her underground den, as she shifts her slumberous mass around her winter home. She moves sleeping position often, from curling up in a ball, to stretching out her long brown body.

Her bulky furry torso is clearly outlined in the feed, which at this moment shows the bear sleeping in a fetal position, her paws clasped together in prayer pose.

Freya the bear stretched out in her den

“It’s going to get really exciting over the next few weeks when Freja gives birth to her litter of pups. They’ll start life tiny, naked, blind and helpless - they’ll be totally dependent on their mother” says Hans Eriksson, executive chairman of Bambuser.

Over 35,000 people have logged on to view the broadcast so far: and Freja is only sleeping at this point. In the coming months Freja will wander out of her cave at the bear reservation in the Swedish town of Orsa, with her cubs. Bear pups are usually born around the new year.


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