Exclusive 'Sherlock' Clip As BBC Enjoy Global Hit

WATCH: Sherlock Goes Global

The second series of the contemporary Sherlock is a tent-pole in the BBC's schedule for New Year's Day, following its phenomenal success when the first series was broadcast in the summer of 2010.

And it seems British viewers aren't the only ones keen to soak up writer Steven Moffat's thoroughly modern take on the Victorian detective's stories.

Programme makers can also raise a festive glass to the millions of fans around the world - particularly in Germany, Russia and France - who have enjoyed every clue and thrilling denouement by the icy-eyed Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes, with his floppy but robust sidekick Dr Watson, played by Martin Freeman.

To celebrate the sale of the series to 180 overseas territories, BBC Worldwide, who sells the series internationally, has put together a new video clip of some of the best bits of the first series, which you can see together for the first time today. So, for all those impatiently waiting for the next instalment on Sunday, at the top of this page is a little something for you in the meantime...


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