New Years Honours: Stuart Hall, 'It's A Knockout' Presenter, Awarded OBE (VIDEO)

'It's A Royal Knockout!' Stuart Hall Receives OBE From The Queen (Video)

Stuart Hall, the sports commentator who famously presented popular TV show “It’s a Knockout” in the 1980s, is among those awarded an OBE on the New Years Honour list.

The distinguished accolade presented by the Queen comes more than 20 years after the royals appeared in a special episode of the gameshow called “The Grand Knockout.”

The one-off version of the show was more commonly referred to as "It's a Royal Knockout": it saw Prince Edward, the Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of York dressed up as vegetables, throwing massive fake hams at each other.

A slapstick affair, featuring large foam rubber suits, fake food fun, and faux wrestling, the boisterous humour of "It's a Royal Knockout"' was a bit like modern day "Total Wipeout", although perhaps less aggressive.

The episode took place in the grounds of Alton Towers and featured Rowan Atkinson as “Lord Knock of Alton.” It was allegedly viewed with disapproval by other members of the royal family who felt the charity show may be more embarrassing than fundraising.

The aftermath of the Grand Tournament was perhaps even worse for the royal family's public image. Prince Edward, who had masterminded the episode stormed out of the press conference, after nervous journalists failed to respond to his bold inquiry

“well what do you think of that then?”

In addition to his role as presenter on its a knockout, Stuart Hall has a number of other notable achievements. A veteran broadcaster for the BBC, he has been presenting sports programmes for over 40 years, and claims to have been the first person to coin the phrase "the beautiful game"

Check out a clip from "It's a Royal Knockout" to see why the Queen may not be amused:


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