'@Sweden' Twitter Account Allows Different Swedes To Tweet On Behalf Of Their Country Each Week

Twitter Account Allows Swedes To Tweet For Their Country

If you had the chance to tweet on behalf of your own country - be it @unitedkingdom, @wales, @scotland, @england or @northernireland - what would you tweet about?

It's a lot of pressure, and something a group of lucky Swedish people have had to think about as the innovative "public" Twitter account "@sweden" allows different people to tweet whatever they like each week.

Currently it's advertising exec and part-time farmer (no, really), Anders Dalenius in control, whose mini biography can be found at the project's website, CuratorsOfSweden.com.

Of course it's all a stunt to boost tourism, but as stunts to boost tourism go, you've got to admit it's a pretty ingenious one.

To give you a taste of just what Andres has been tweeting about on behalf of the Scandinavian nation, we've compiled a little gallery of his "greatest hits" for you below - and be sure to follow him for more updates and to see who's in charge in the new year!


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