30/12/2011 12:17 GMT | Updated 30/12/2011 12:21 GMT

'@Sweden' Twitter Account Allows Different Swedes To Tweet On Behalf Of Their Country Each Week

If you had the chance to tweet on behalf of your own country - be it @unitedkingdom, @wales, @scotland, @england or @northernireland - what would you tweet about?

It's a lot of pressure, and something a group of lucky Swedish people have had to think about as the innovative "public" Twitter account "@sweden" allows different people to tweet whatever they like each week.

Currently it's advertising exec and part-time farmer (no, really), Anders Dalenius in control, whose mini biography can be found at the project's website,

Of course it's all a stunt to boost tourism, but as stunts to boost tourism go, you've got to admit it's a pretty ingenious one.

To give you a taste of just what Andres has been tweeting about on behalf of the Scandinavian nation, we've compiled a little gallery of his "greatest hits" for you below - and be sure to follow him for more updates and to see who's in charge in the new year!