31/12/2011 06:06 GMT | Updated 01/03/2012 05:12 GMT

TV News Presenters In Norway Unaware Of OMG WTF Slang Eye Chart In Background (VIDEO)

TV news bosses in Norway were probably left thinking "OMG WTF" -- after inadvertently using an internet slang eye chart as a background for a report.

Dagsrevyen, the evening news programme on NRK, had been running a segment about eye treatment for senior citizens, when they used an image of an eye chart as the studio background.

But rather than being the usual random assortment of letters, the eye test chart actually displayed a series of (often profane) internet abbreviations.

Starting off with 'OMG' (Oh My God) the chart -- which has made clips of the broadcast an online hit -- continued with 'WTF' (What The F**) and 'STFU' (Shut The F*** up).

Almost knowingly, the last legible line of the chart read 'PWN3D' which is cyber-slang for 'owned'.

News editor Solveig Tvedt admitted they'd not checked the chart before broadcast.

"We retrieved the picture from one of our image agencies and took it without taking a closer look. If we'd seen what it said we wouldn't have used it," she said.