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The dentist's anesthesia probably made it a bit easier.
Anesthesia is a powerful thing - you only need to look at countless videos of people after the dentist to see that. But when
A mischievous YouTuber has gone to extreme lengths to embarrass students in a quiet library after pranking them with a porn
You know that time when your dog gets the urge to strut its stuff on two legs? A little dog named Jolie has been parading
We will never know what goes through the mind of a one-year-old child. But according to this home video, it's a lot more
Siahj Chase is just four years old. She's also our new hero. When a little boy at school called Siahj 'ugly', she wasn't
Parkour is a sport that while looking incredible, can have a tendency to take itself rather seriously. Thankfully the guys
"After noticing the chair being moved each time I return home from an outing, I decide to put on a 'spy camera' to find out
A video of a couple sitting down to eat their evening meal in the middle of a busy road in Thornton Heath, South London has
Imagine the scene. You're playing golf with your mates. Your ball is right on the edge of a river. You've got to hit it backwards