03/01/2012 07:31 GMT | Updated 03/01/2012 07:34 GMT

Incredibly Complicated Lego Machine Will Make Your Jaw Drop (Video)

As anyone who's played with the multi-coloured plastic bricks will tell you, Lego is amazing. Simple as that, really.

Whether you were introduced to the Danish toy as a young 'un with a bottomless tub of bricks or only know it through those film tie-in games they keep releasing, it's all good.

But whereas most of us are content with building a really big boat, or maybe a miniature village, one YouTuber went the extra mile, adding in motors, Technic pieces and toy trains to create and seemingly never-ending Lego network.

The main mission for this glorious piece of construction is to carry a number of tiny footballs and basketballs around in a circle.

Written out like that, it doesn't seem that impressive - but trust us, as soon as you click play, you'll realise just what a marvellous machine you're looking at.

And in honour of this epic piece of kit, we've gathered together some other amazing Lego designs, all of which you can find below. Huzzah!