03/01/2012 06:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hilarious Video: Bouncing Spacehopper Grannies

Two grannies have bounced to stardom after riding tandem on a Spacehopper!

In this hilarious YouTube clip, the old dears look like they've been at the sherry as they double-up on the retro inflatables – then double up laughing as one of them flashes her tights and knickers as her posh frock rides up.

The potty pair climb aboard the bright orange bouncer, then attempt their own version of the Gran National as they try to navigate their way through a narrow doorway before becoming a cropper on the hopper.

The video was posted on Boxing Day and shows the couple - thought to be from Aberdeen, Scotland - surrounded by Christmas presents.

In the clip they're spurred on by enthusiastic onlookers who shout "put some back into it" and "yeah baby". But they never quite manage to get any momentum going and are forced to stop three times.