03/01/2012 09:39 GMT

Pictures Of The Day 3 January: Torrential Rain To The Dalai Lama

Enjoying the fresh New Year? The first working day of 2012 was met with travel misery for commuters as train signal failures, cancellations and rail fare rises caused disruption, leading to protest action by transport union TSSA outside St Pancras Station in London.

After a warm Christmas, Britons are paying for the mild weather with torrential rain and 100mph winds, including toppled trees crushing cars in Hampshire.

In Pakistan, clashes continue with police, paralysing major cities as thousands of people rally over the severe gas shortages and price hike.

Is the Dalai Lama the Tibetan Spiritual Leader by day, but a daring caped crusader by night? The holy monk swishes his robes at the Kalachakra 2012 Festival in Bodhgaya.

Tokyo bring in the New Year with animal shenanigans: Sea Lion 'Jay' writes the word 'Dragon' in Chinese characters and a Beluga whale poses with an orange on its head representing a 'rice cake offering' - all in the pictures of the day below: