04/01/2012 07:56 GMT | Updated 04/01/2012 08:12 GMT

Kinect, Wii, Treadmill-Controlled Robot Brushes Cat, Blows Our Tiny Minds (Video)

What would you do if you had two Wii remotes, an Xbox Kinect, a treadmill, a cat and a Nao robot?

Play Just Dance 3 and try to avoid smashing any nearby vases? Or create an elaborate robot avatar and attempt to brush said cat?

Taylor Veltrop did the exact opposite if what we'd do in that situation, picking the latter option and producing this fantastic viral video.

The Kinect picks up Taylors movements, the treadmill his footfall, the Wiimotes his arms - resulting in a mildly amused cat and an insight into the fascinating world of homemade robotics.

After all, all these items - including the cat - can be picked up on the high street. Then again, considering how useful human arms are for cat-brushing, perhaps for the time being, we should stick to using those.

To find out more about Taylor's work, head to his YouTube channel, and if you want to see Nao robots doing even more amazing things, watch them dance and play football below...