Bubbling up behind it is Superman Returns, another movie tie-in for the film of the same name. This should have been a game
If there's one unsung hero in the tech world it is Microsoft's Xbox Kinect sensor. Resigned to being the personal butler
Microsoft has unveiled a new gaming concept which transforms your entire living room into a holodeck. The 'RoomAlive' project
Microsoft has announced a new lower-cost Xbox One bundle -- which comes without its Kinect sensor. While the new version
Some people love the Xbox One's Kinect controller, while others seem intent on using it as a big stick to punish Microsoft for its insistence that every Xbox One includes it. Kinect Sports Rivals promises to change all that.
A new 'speed of light' camera has been demonstrated which can take 3D photographs of translucent objects. The "nano-camera
At 24, the two co-founders of Leap Motion - Michael Buckwald and David Holz could be described as Wunderkind, but to label them as such, is disservice to the maturity and value of their vision.
Nike has recently done a great job of producing genuinely useful training gadgets to sit alongside its traditional business
While in recent years Microsoft has developed a reputation for having to play catch-up in many parts of its business, from mobile to search and even on the desktop, there's actually a healthy amount of blue-sky thinking about the future that goes on at the company.
Along with jetpacks, moon bases and robot dogs that can fetch you a cup of tea, one of the most-requested 'future tech' products
Ready for a new TV? Thanks to Samsung your next set just might be the last one you ever buy. The South Korean company has
What would you do if you had two Wii remotes, an Xbox Kinect, a treadmill, a cat and a Nao robot? Play Just Dance 3 and try
Kinect has been pushed as the next big thing in games from the very top of Microsoft, with CEO Steve Ballmer himself saying the device makes Xbox 360 more than a games console.