London 2012 Olympics 50p Coin Explains Offside Rule

London 2012 Olympics 50p Coin Explains Offside Rule

The offside rule is explained on a new 50p coin which is part of a Royal Mint collection showcasing the 2012 Olympics.

Designed by London journalist Neil Wolfson, the coin features a simple diagram which explains when a player is offside, and when they aren’t.

Wolfson’s idea was one of 30,000 designs submitted to the Royal Mint following a competition launched in January 2009.

He said: “I'm a sports journalist by trade and I saw this opportunity as a natural extension of what I do.

"This design itself is just a case of lateral thinking.

"I'm a football fan, I followed the Premier League since its inception and if I had 50p for every time someone had asked me to explain the offside rule I'd be a very rich man.

"When the coin is in circulation I hope people like it and I hope people are able to use it to explain the offside rule."

Priced at £2.99, the coin is one of a range of 29 coins, which also feature athletics, gymnastics, swimming, boccia and goalball.


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