'The Daily Show' Clips Now Available In The UK! Hoorah!

'The Daily Show' Clips Now Available In The UK

For too long now - quite possibly since the American War of Independence - we Brits have sadly been unable to watch clips of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart online.

But as of today, British ladies and gentlemen, all that has changed.

Because Comedy Central UK has launched the Daily Show UK website - where we can now enjoy all the video clips that our American cousins can. Including highlights from the previous night's show, as well as news and info on forthcoming shows and guests.

So if you're a fan (and if you've got no excuse not to be one now), go to www.comedycentral.co.uk/dailyshow, where you can currently enjoy a round-up of the first show of the new season in 60 seconds, 'Rick Santorum's Surge - Indecision 2012' and 'New Year Countdown to 2012 - The Daily Show: Moment of Zen'. All in a British accent (well, John Oliver's parts, at least).

It's great to see you, Jon. *rolls out red carpet*. Can we offer you a cup of tea?


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