05/01/2012 06:07 GMT | Updated 06/01/2012 13:33 GMT

13-Year-Old Boy And His Grandmother Lipdub And Dance To Tyga's 'Rack City' (Video)

Meet Frank Trimboli. His website bio states "I'm 13, I live in Texas, and I love Pancakes." He also loves mouthing along to explicit rap records with his grandmother, notably Tyga's "Rack City".

We know this because his latest YouTube video, "Me and my grandma dancing to Rack City", has gone viral recently, with half a million hits just two days after it was uploaded.

Posted under his online alter-ego, "Frank Twitchy", the clip shows Frank and his gran getting their groove on to the dulcet tones of Tyga, mouthing along to lyrics like "Rack city bitch Rack Rack city bitch / Ten ten ten twenties on ya titties bitch."

It is, without a doubt, utterly amazing - and will no doubt have you dropping your jaw to your desk as you watch a pensioner cut a rug to a song that seems to be about money, women with large breasts, and getting into clubs.

Also, no offence to your personal aged ps, but you may well experience "Granny envy" watching this clip. Then again... you may not. Up to you, really.