Polaroid And The Impossible Project Team Up For 'Classic' Film

Polaroid Is Back From The Dead (Again)

Polaroid has come back from the dead more times than the cast of the average zombie film. But this time they really mean it.

The brand, once famed for its instant cameras, went bankrupt in 2001, but is now operated by a different company producing instant printers and Lady Gaga-branded gadgets.

Now Polaroid is getting back to its roots, and has teamed up with The Impossible Project to produce a new line of instant film compatible with its original instant cameras.

The Impossible Project was set up in 2008 to produce Polaroid-compatible film at the last-remaining factory in Enschede, in the Netherlands.

After releasing its first film in 2010, the company has gone on to sell new and unique film for the roughly 300m Polaroid cameras in existence through partners including Urban Outfitters.

Now Impossible is working with Polaroid directly to produce a new 'Polaroid Classic' line of film to "embrace the past and celebrate the future" of the brand.

The limited-edition film is from the last original 'Spectra' production run in 2008 and costs a pricey £27 GBP per pack. Impossible and Polaroid claim the warm, faded images produced by the film will attract dedicated fans - and maybe a few people with a slightly rusty instant camera in the attic.

The film will work with all Image Spectra and 1200-compatible cameras.

The Classic line will also include paper craft models of vintage Polaroid cameras, available online for £15.


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