Simon Cowell's Fiancee Mezghan Hussainy Joins Him On Barbados Holiday

We'd Forgotten What She Looked Like

She's not been seen with him for months, but Simon Cowell's lesser-spotted fiancee has flown out to meet him on his Barbados getaway.

Mezghan Hussainy was pictured on board Si's private yacht yesterday as she joined him on his annual post X Factor break.

Having not clapped eyes on the Iranian for a while, at first we weren't sure whether Simon was playing away with another stunning brunette, but Simon's publicist Max Clifford has confirmed to us that it is Mezghan.

At least now Simon will have someone to rub the suncream into those awkward hard-to-reach spots.

He may have all that money but it looks as if he can't even stretch to a bottle of Ambre Solaire as he's been sporting a rather lobster red hue of late.

Even his thick rug couldn't hide the sunburn on his chest.

Perhaps his skin misdemeanour is the reason why he's looking like such a miserable old so and so.

He cut a solemn shape on the yacht, as he mooched about the deck, gazing into the distance.

Having already taken the jet-ski out for its annual ride and pal Sinitta having already jetted home, it seems Simon is getting a little bored on his vacation.

As waitresses brought him cocktails, the music mogul looked bored as he puffed away on a cigarette and played with his phone.

Clearly their reunion wasn't as exciting as he'd hoped.



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