06/01/2012 11:45 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Club Penguin's Flipping Good Christmas Charity Appeal

Club Penguin Coins For Change

It's the season of good will, and you and your children can really get into the spirit with the new Coins for Change campaign from Club Penguin.

It's Club Penguin's fifth annual Coins for Change online event, where members can donate the virtual coins collected online to real life causes around the world.

This year, children will be challenged to fill a virtual island lighthouse with donated coins, and if they succeed, Club Penguin - the world's largest virtual world for children - has committed to donating $2 million to charity.
Club Penguin Coins For Change
In the past, Coins for Change donations have helped over a million people in more than 40 countries by funding schools, libraries, health clinics and clean water programs. Last year, over 3 million children contributed to an incredible 12.2 billion virtual coins during Coins for Change.

Coins for Change kicks off on Thursday 15th, and runs until 27th December. To get your family involved, waddle over to Club Penguin online.

Coins for Change update:

Club Penguin children donated a whopping 10 billion coins online over the Christmas period.

This meant the $2 million fund has been reached, with $640,000 going to medical care, $620,000 to providing a safer place for children and $740,000 towards green living and helping the environment in the real world.

Did you and your children get involved with Coins for Change?