08/01/2012 05:49 GMT | Updated 08/01/2012 06:43 GMT

Ed Miliband's PMQs Joke-Writer Job Advertised For £60,000

Fancy writing jokes for Ed Miliband to use against David Cameron at PMQs? It could be yours in a matter of weeks, if you apply for this job here [PDF]. The leader of the opposition is looking for an "Executive Director, Rebuttal and Policy", to replace Ayesha Hazarika, who left last month.

The Labour leader has been judged a flop at PMQs in recent months, often failing to score wins on David Cameron during weeks when everything seemed to be going wrong for the government. The last PMQs before Christmas was a particularly bad one for Miliband, and all eyes will be on him this coming Wednesday for the first bout of 2012.

At £60,000 the money's not bad if you're used to the stand-up circuit, but we're not sure who would fill the role, given another part of the job is to "undertake regular horizon-scanning".

The tragedy for Ed Miliband is that so far this year Labour has given us plenty of laughs. Unfortunately they were politically damaging to the party, including on Thursday when Ed Miliband rang gaffe-prone shadow minister Diane Abbott whilst she was live on Sky News, lending the impression she was running away from the cameras.

And then of course there's "Blackbusters", which was a PR disaster, again with its origins in Twitter.

It's a tough job being leader of the opposition, but this job being advertised looks almost as tough, given the job description. And whoever gets it has, it's widely agreed, a mountain to climb to improve Ed Miliband's image after a poor start to 2012 for Labour.

Ed Miliband's press and PR team is changing quite significantly. Ayesha Hazarika has left under a cloud and Polly Billington has jumped ship to go and fight to win back the Essex seat of Thurrock.