09/01/2012 07:36 GMT | Updated 09/01/2012 07:36 GMT

Brits Break Their New Year's Resolutions Today

The majority of us will see our New Year’s resolutions go out of the window today, according to a survey.

After just nine days, all those good intentions about losing weight, getting fit and saving money will fall by the wayside for three quarters of Britons, the poll of 3,000 adults found.

The most popular resolutions for 2012 related to physical and emotional wellbeing, revealed the study by allabouthealth.org.

Seven out of ten joined a gym or went jogging in the past two weeks while six out of ten said they were trying to eat more healthily or lose weight.

But despite the latest health warning about the risks of drinking every day, only one in three vowed to cut down on alcohol.

Two thirds of the resolutions related to specific goals such as reaching a target weight, clearing debt and saving for a holiday.

Survey spokesman Ajit Malhi said: “While 2011 took its toll for many of us financially, it's important that people look after their emotional and physical health to make sure you can deal with the demands of today's busy lifestyles.

“Setting resolutions is a great way to start afresh but as the stats show it can be difficult to kick out old habits.”