09/01/2012 05:46 GMT | Updated 09/01/2012 06:00 GMT

Video Of Puppy Lifting His Legs As He Eats Will Make You Squeak With Joy (Video)

Though it's not clear what breed this puppy is, one thing's for sure: the video he stars in is cute. Darn cute.

Almost as cute as this wild boar attack, in fact - and we don't say something like that lightly, mind.

Showing the poor little puppy trotting along to his food bowl, the YouTube video doesn't appear all that special at first - until the tiny pooch's hind legs start dancing up into the air as he eats.

It's almost like he's having his legs pulled by an unseen piece of string, prompting some commenters to call it unfair on the poor wee thing.

By us, we can't make out the strings, and others online have noted their new doglets do similar things when confronted with a bowl of food, so perhaps it's just a cute dog doing something cute, eh? Those cute dogs are wont to do that sort of thing, after all...