23/12/2011 05:05 GMT | Updated 23/12/2011 05:26 GMT

Argh! It's A Wild Boar Attack! (Video)

YouTube user "bighunter10100" recently uploaded this video of a ferocious wild boar attack, and we have to say: rather him than us.

Posting the nerve-wrecking footage under the title of "attaque de sanglier" - literally translated to "Wild Boar Attack" - it's so far hoovered up nearly 20,000 views online.

The description beneath the clip is even more chilling: "âme sensible s'abstenir, video d'une attaque de sangier filmé avec courage" - which, presumably, means "Bloodthirsty monster pig trying to tackle me to the ground and rip my throat out."

So click on, brave internet traveller, and prepare for one of the most brutal videos ever posted on Huffington Post UK comedy.