South Korean Pop Group 'Girls' Generation' Makes Military Camp Squeal With Joy (Video)

WATCH: Girl Pop Group Makes Young Korean Soldiers Cry With Joy

Formulaic K-pop, thy name is "Girls' Generation". All high heels, perfect make-up and synchronised dancing, there's no denying their obvious appeal - but would you start stomping the ground and crying if they walked into the room?

One army camp cadet from South Korea would. More than one, in fact. Several. Dozens. Hundreds.

Surprised on Korean TV with an impromptu appearance from the nine-strong singing / dancing / smiling troupe, the assembly of cross-legged young army men start making heart shapes with their hands and jumping for joy.

Also known as "SoShi" or "SNSD" by their legions of fans, Girls' Generation are best known for two hits, "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" and "Gee". Check out the latter below... if you dare. Seriously, non-sensical lyrics and absurdly bright colours a go-go here.

But can anyone else remember being this excited about anything, ever? These guys are almost as excited as this puppy eating his food... and that's saying something.


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