11/01/2012 10:45 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Could Chinese Medicine Help You Conceive?


Women trying to conceive have been told that Chinese medicine could help them get pregnant.

Scientists have found that combining herbal and acupuncture therapies with fertility treatments can improve a woman's chance of success.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University compared the success rates of couples using intrauterine insemination (IUI) both with and without Chinese herbal and acupuncture therapies.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been used to ease pain and treat disease and IUI involves a laboratory procedure to separate fast moving sperm from more sluggish sperm.

The fast moving sperm were then placed into the woman's womb close to the time of ovulation when the egg is released from the ovary in the middle of the monthly cycle.

The results, which have been published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine, showed a significant increase in fertility when the therapies were administered side-by-side.

When combining IUI with traditional treatments, 65.5 per cent of the test group were able to conceive, compared with 39.4 per cent of the control group, who received no herbal or acupuncture therapy.

The scientists said the method was as "close to nature" as possible.

Have you tried Chinese medicine?