One In Five Men Don't Change Their Underwear Every Day, Study Reveals

Dirty Truth: A Quarter Of Men Don’t Change Underwear Every Day

A quarter of British men fail to change their underwear every day and see nothing wrong with wearing the same pants twice, a survey has revealed.

Men’s dirty underwear truths were revealed in a survey by Mintel, which discovered the unsavoury fact that only 78% of men slip on a new pair of pants every morning, in comparison to 95% of clean underwear-wearing women.

The poll also found that divisions emerged when looking at the underwear habits of single and married men. Only 82% of single men change their underwear once a day compared to 88% of married men.

Aside from the lack of pant changing among men, the survey also discovered that 16% of men only wash their clothes when they look visibly dirty and only 19% of men living with their partner pull their weight when it comes to the laundry, compared to 83% of women.

“I’m not remotely shocked by this survey," Lee Kynaston, online grooming editor, Men’s Health, tells The Huffington Post.

"Let’s be honest, men are famous for the sniff 'n' wear test - fishing things out of the washing basket and donning them again if they’re not classed as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. And actually, I think that’s fine.

"We’re so hung up about cleanliness today that many garments are washed when they’re not technically that dirty – wasting time, effort and money (as well as damaging the environment). If you’re a hygienic person – you shower, wash and keep yourself scrupulously clean down below I can’t see the harm in giving your pants a second outing every now and then.

"What does bemuse me is that single men aren’t more fastidious on the pant front. I mean, presumably if you're single you live in the hope of whipping them off in company one night and if that’s going to happen they may as well at least land on the floor looking clean!”

Men's lifestyle journalist, Alex Perry agrees: "Slipping on a clean pair of underwear each day is one of life’s little pleasures – like climbing into a bed with fresh sheets; or a shower with good water pressure; or making that girl you really like laugh. On the other hand, I believe in each to their own, so unless the person insisting on being unhygienic isn’t upsetting anyone then let them be. I just couldn’t do it myself."