13/01/2012 07:20 GMT | Updated 13/01/2012 07:24 GMT

Interactive Punching Bag Allows Boxers To Play 'Ode To Joy' And 'Jingle Bells' On It (Video)

First things first: the idea of creating an interactive punching bag that allows you to "play" music on it is a very clever one. As was the idea to make it programmable, giving it a voice, a laugh, a sigh and so on.

Second things second: did they have to give it a female voice? That just feels wrong guys. Make it Jean-Claude Van Damme grunting, that would work. Or Sylvester Stallone - that might make up for him thumping all those cow-carcasses over the past few decades.

Still, a tip of the cap to the guys behind MotivationalDinosaur's YouTube video, "Ode to Joy on a punching bag", who've bravely revealed their clever invention to the internet at large.

Their names are as follows: "Chris Baines, Michael Baker, Ed Copcutt, Max Petre Eastty, Adam Martindale, Taranjit Matharu, Marian Petre" - and, would you believe it, they created this punching bag to end all punching bags "as a summer project before uni".

Our summer projects before uni normally involved beer and the consuming thereof, but whatever works guys, whatever works.

Oh, and as we're talking punching bags, here's a classic YouTube fail video for you below. You know, just because.