13/01/2012 08:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Michelle Obama Joins Twitter, MyDaily Prays For Instagrammed Style Shots

Yesterday America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, joined Twitter. For the briefest of moments MyDaily had more followers than she. Sadly she is now marginally in the lead with just over 232,000 to our 7,700.

The First Lady's first tweets were all business:

The feed will largely be maintained by campaign staff but we can also expect the odd personal message, just check for an "-mo" signature to see which ones those are.

So far it's been tweets about healthcare and things and yeah, yeah, it's very worthy stuff but in a guilty sort of way we're also keeping our fingers crossed that she tweets a few Instagrammed pictures of couture outfits taken in the bathroom mirror of the White House.

That would be all kinds of awesome.

We would also settle for adorable Twitter banter between the President and the First Lady - so far it's been a bit tame:

Are you following Michelle?