13/01/2012 12:39 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Sarah Harding's 'Bitter' Tattoo - Some Thoughts

Sarah Harding's 'Bitter' tattoo - some thoughts Photo: FilmMagic

Sarah Harding showed off a piece of her body art thanks to a backless dress as she visited Kensington on Thursday.

Sarah Harding's 'Bitter' tattoo - some thoughts Photo: FilmMagic

The tattoo takes the form of the statement: "Don't be Bitter - Glitter"

We have some thoughts on the matter

The first thought came in the form of our editor's reaction: "That is LITERALLY the worst tattoo I've ever seen."

Then was the following:

1. The tattooist needs a sub editor - 'Bitter' should have a lower case 'B'

2. 'Glitter' should also not have a capital letter. Unless you are referring to a quote from the Mariah Carey film of the same name...

3. ... AND if you are referring to Mariah's cinematic turd for quotes, you should really be going for "I want to produce you" or "She's exotic - I want to see more of her breasts."

4. Furthermore, apostrophes are SO last season

5. It has resulted in the splendid hashtag #hardingtattoo from Cosmo UK where you can tweet your own suggestions for future bon mots.

6. If she gets married, she should have the word 'Glitter' embellished with Swarovski crystals.

7. Our personal recommendation for the future is "Stop and Think - Don't Ink"

You can see our favourite #hardingtattoo suggestions below and obviously we'd love your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on the matter!