16/01/2012 06:16 GMT | Updated 16/01/2012 06:34 GMT

'BANG!' - Ferret Plays Dead (Video)

When was the last time you shot a ferret? Sorry, when was the last time you 'shot' a ferret? And it 'died'?

Like most humans here on planet earth, chances are you've never 'shot' a ferret and watched it 'die' - but YouTuber "chonnes" has... and he recorded it on camera for proof.

Uploaded to the web under the title of "'Puppy' the Ferret Shot Dead", the clip shows the much-loved trick of 'firing' a finger gun at an animal and watching as they roll over and play dead.

The age-old trick is more commonly seen performed by dogs - see The Artist for more details - but other animals have been known to get in on the act.

For proof, just take a look at this video gallery of dogs, cats and ferrets doing their thing below. Go on, take a look - we dare you. Plus, there's a clip at the end that teaches you how to do it yourself. Got all based covered here in the fake-shooting-your-pet department, we do.