17/01/2012 08:36 GMT | Updated 18/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Ghost Hunter 'Finds' Princess Diana In Video Shot In Church

A paranormal writer claims to have found footage of the ghost of Princess Diana.

Michael Cohen says that a group of Chinese tourists filmed the blurry, fuzzy clip in a church in Glasgow.

The video depicts a blurry church window that for a moment appears to reflect a grey image of a face. Whether or not it looks like Princess Diana we'll leave up to you, our (hopefully) sceptical readers.

Cohen remains convinced.

"Scientists tell us that ghosts don't exist, and yet people around the world keep seeing them," he said in the clip, republished below purely in the interests of 'scientific' research.

"While we might not want nothing to do with the dead, perhaps some ghosts have unfinished business with us."

Take a look above.