17/01/2012 07:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sperm Donor Who Fathered 14 Kids Is A 36-Year-Old Virgin

Dad of 14 kids is a 36 year old virgin PA

A sperm donor who made the news last year when his free sperm bank was investigated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration has been revealed as a virgin - despite having fathered 14 children!

Trent Arsenault, 36, from Fremont, California advertises himself on his website as having the ideal gene pool to father kids, and bills his sperm as "organic".

Appearing on the Anderson Cooper daytime chat show in the U.S, Trent said he coined the term "donor sexual" to describe what he does - and how the use of his "sexual energy" is 100 per cent for "producing sperm for childless couples".

He added that he did not have "other activity outside of that".

Chat show host Anderson Cooper asked Trent: "So you do not have sex?" to which his guest replied: "I will probably be the 40-year-old virgin - except I'll have 15 plus kids."

One of the "virgin father's" children was then brought on to the stage. Two-year-old Analise was fathered by Trent for a lesbian couple. It was the first time Trent had met her, and he said it was a "thrill:

"I'm trying to not get too emotional. I'm just extremely happy that she's healthy and in a loving home. I hope she has the gene of compassion and that her parents nurture that."

Despite applause from the audience for Trent, a health expert on the programme warned him that his behaviour ran the risk of spreading viral diseases such as HIV - the same fears which saw the U.S food and Drug Administration investigate him last year.

It was claimed Trent did not take precautions to prevent the spread of infections and he was subsequently issued with a "cease-and-desist order".

Trent said at the time that he was simply "helping" childless couplea and was not running a business. The FDA threatened him with a $100,000 fine and a year in prison if he continued to offer his services.

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