'Celebrity Big Brother': Georgia Salpa Voices Concerns Over Denise Welch

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Georgia Salpa has voiced her concerns over Denise Welch saying she is "crumbling" in the house.

Underwear model Georgia was evicted from the Big Brother house last night and today admitted Benidorm star Denise, who has suffered with drug and alcohol issues in the past, is heading on a downward spiral after fellow housemate Michael Madsen argued with her.

According to Digital Spy, she said: "Me and the twins were worrying about her yesterday. I think she's crumbling a little bit. I think the whole Michael thing is really making her way worse. He is fighting her and shouting at her and it's really upsetting her, I think."

Whist she admits that Denise, who jumped topless into the hot tub, was not on her best behaviour she realises that some of her bizarre behaviour is in the name of fun.

She said: "I understand that you can't get drunk and start running around flashing people, but I think Denise is great. She was only trying to have a bit of fun. She only flashed him her boobs. She wasn't doing anything bad."

Was Denise's behaviour really that bad or is she just having fun?


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