Denise Welch

The Loose Women presenter has said her life has been "permanently scarred" by her ordeal.
The Loose Women star said it had been "an incredibly terrifying and stressful time for me and our family".
The Loose Women star said Piers' comments “prove why so many people suffer in silence” with their mental health.
The dancing brothers' "how's Trish?" scene has gone viral in recent weeks, for all the wrong reasons.
And she'll be reuniting with a former Coronation Street cast mate.
The Loose Women star raised eyebrows when he accused the government of "scaremongering" the public about coronavirus.
The panellist appeared from home via video link, and wanted to make sure viewers saw the most of her palatial pad.
Including Amanda Holden's lawn-mowing and Kim Woodburn reading erotic fiction.
As the BBC's lunchtime medical soap celebrates its 20th anniversary, we remember some of the famous faces who've dropped by the Riverside Health Centre.
Denise Welch walked out early, while Nadia Sawalha appeared to say she "wasn't happy" about losing out.