Denise Welch

More than 100 people complained to the TV watchdog after Denise and a former royal press spokesperson's heated exchange.
The Tortured Poets Department review we've all been waiting for is here.
The Loose Women star's Wikipedia page was hijacked last night.
The Loose Women star is playing Queen Elizabeth II opposite Kerry Ellis and Maiya Quansah-Breed as Princess Diana.
The Loose Women star was invited to give a speech at Sir Michael Cain's 90th birthday celebrations.
"We all have different views, we’re great friends,” the long-serving panellist said.
The Loose Women presenter has said her life has been "permanently scarred" by her ordeal.
The Loose Women star said it had been "an incredibly terrifying and stressful time for me and our family".
The Loose Women star said Piers' comments “prove why so many people suffer in silence” with their mental health.