Denise Welch Confirms She's Very Much Alive After Online Death Hoax

The Loose Women star's Wikipedia page was hijacked last night.
Denise Welch attends the Rainbow Honours 2023 at Natural History Museum
Denise Welch attends the Rainbow Honours 2023 at Natural History Museum
Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Are you really famous until the internet starts making up rumours that you’re dead? It’s an age-old question that Loose Women’s Denise Welch can now wade in on.

The 65-year-old was forced to share an update yesterday on X (formerly Twitter) that she was indeed “alive and well”, after her Wikipedia page was hijacked.

“I’m alive and well and about to watch the jungle. Thanks for your concern”, wrote the actor and TV personality, whose name began to trend on X last night during the airing of the latest episode of I’m a Celebrity.

Fans became concerned after noticing that part of her Wikipedia page had been changed to provide details of her death. At first, it attributed Denise’s cause of death to her being run down by a mobility scooter belonging to former Big Brother contestant Kerry Riches, as per The Mirror.

A later edit gave that a bout of “explosive diarrhoea” had ended Denise’s life – possibly a reference to her recent admission to The Guardian that she once accidentally defecated on the streets of New York while wearing cream trousers.

She told the paper:“I saw a couple of people turn and look at me. Now, although I’m not famous in New York, whenever Matty’s there I do get recognised as his mum, so I’m smiling and waving at them.

“I went back to the hotel room and bent over to get something out of the suitcase, and my husband said: ’Do you realise you’ve shat yourself?”

In any case, Welch is indeed alive and well, and preparing to appear on Loose Women this week – today, the ladies are joined by singer and social media star, James Blunt.


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