“How come Natalie Elphicke is an acceptable face for Labour....and Diane Abbott is not?"
The Good Morning Britain presenter did not hold back when interviewing a former Tory MEP.
Viewers have been gripped by the 2019 ITV drama after it arrived on Netflix this month.
"You're speaking about it as if this is a problem that has suddenly dropped into your lap," the Good Morning Britain host said.
The former political lobbyist died in January this year after suffering complications from Covid.
The new ITV show will challenge contestants to apply their intellectual skills while outmanoeuvring opponents.
It's especially important for regular users.
The duo are taking over after Philip and Holly left last year.
Goldfinger, Skyfall and GoldenEye are among the first films to begin streaming as part of a first-of-its-kind deal.
"Not a popular point of view, but it's fact," Caroline Nokes said.