19/01/2012 14:58 GMT

Pictures Of The Day: An Icy Orthodox Epiphany And A Coati And Cuscus

As the UK waits for more wintry frost and snow, the rest of the world is embracing the chill - a Russian woman tentatively dips a toe into the Neva River to mark the Orthodox Epiphany in St Petersburg and Belarus soldiers get a sharp shock in icy waters, south of the capital Minsk.

Cute animals alert - a Coati, from the Raccoon family, shows disdain at a medical examination by zoo keepers in Melbourne and one of a pair of cheeky Ground Cuscus go on display at Edinburgh Zoo.

A unique view of the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia can be seen in a shot against a nearby lighthouse, as relatives and friends of victims of Friday's shipping disaster arrive on the island of Giglio in Italy.

Models look terrified as they prepare backstage at the Laurel Autumn/Winter 2012 fashion show in Berlin and students make their treacherous journey across a damaged suspension bridge in Lebak, Indonesia - all in the pictures of the day below: